Riding Lessons

What We Offer: 

Riding lessons for adults and kids and equestrian training in a relaxing and stress-free environment. It is perfect for those wanting to step foot into the equestrian world or brush up on their already existing skills.

For Kids, and teenagers, we offer a custom training program that fits their needs. We have fabulous horses to ride for each and every level rider. Maybe you have a child under the age of 7? Pony pals would be the perfect option! Visit the Pony Pals page for more info.

Riding Lessons: 

Lessons are available in both 1 hours privates ( for beginners or those wanting one on one coaching ) or in 1-hour semi-private lesson groups ( 1 -2 people )

If you are not already leasing or sponsoring a horse we have wonderful schoolmaster horses available for you to ride in your lessons. We also have smaller horses/ponies for kids wanting to ride who her smaller and younger.

A Typical Lesson Hour:

First, we will start by getting the horse ready, this consists of grooming and tacking up. Then we move into the arena for rider and horse warmups before we start really getting into the training. At GHE we focus on our riders’ physical and emotional health when riding, a happy mind is a happy ride. The same goes for the horses. We will then ride for about 45 in the arena working on goals and learning new things each rider wants to accomplish in their lesson. After that, we cool the horses down, untack and put them away. This is the part where they love treats! Apples, Carrots, Horse cookies they are always happy to have a post riding snack! After we quickly clean the saddle off it is time for goodbye until the next lesson at the farm!

Our Rates: 

Single New Student Introductory Lesson: $85 ( 15% Discount to first-time students )

Package of 4 Private Lessons: $290  ( $72 x 4 ) 

Package of 8 Private Lessons $520  ( $65 x 8 )

Semi Private ( 1 -2 people ) Lesson $60  ( $55 if on a leased horse ) 

There is a $5 helmet use fee ( to use one of ours ) if people do not have their own. But, we recommend getting your own as it is a great thing to have!

Riding Boots are required for lessons and we recommend riding pants as well, jeans or leggings can work if you do not have riding pants.